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Brand Velocifero and owner Alessandro Tartarini break world speed record with electric scooter

🇮🇹 by

Alessandro TartariniOn Sunday 1 October 2023 a page of history was written at the Monza racetrack in 🇮🇹 Italy. Alessandro Tartarini, owner of the brand Velocifero, reached 198 km/h and an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 3.27 seconds with a custom developed prototype electric scooter, setting a new world record.


coni.pngThe results were officially certified by timekeepers recognized by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee). Records that take on enormous significance if we consider that on the same asphalt in 1969, 54 years earlier, father Leopoldo Tartatini achieved the "World Speed Record" with a three-wheeled prototype on the same Monda circuit.

Father Leopoldo Tartarini

“It was an incredible experience that combined innovation, technology and adrenaline. I have wanted to organize the World Record Challenge for a long time,” said Alessandro Tartarini. “I thank my entire team, MAGELEC and the sponsors Rydbatt, Jinyuxing and Kangni for the passion and commitment they have dedicated to the creation of an event that will remain in history”.

In the wake of the "World Record Challenge" of speed, Velocifero - which boasts a range of 25 models of scooters, motorcycles, bicycles and scooters, not only electric - is planning a series of events aimed at testing new technologies to make vehicles safer and to raise people's awareness of the importance of sustainable urban mobility.

Record-breaking Velocifero scooter

Alessandro surpassed his father-teacher by driving an electric scooter, a vehicle specially prepared and produced by his company. An electric scooter that resembles a regular urban scooter in many ways, and is characterized by a very low center of gravity. In fact the 149,000 watt (200 horsepower) engine doesn't fit in the wheels.





ESkootr_Championship.pngThe engine is placed in the center of the scooter and is connected to the rear wheel via a traditional drive chain. A solution that the electric racing scooters of the eSkootr championship also adopt.

Speed in the name of the father - The same passion as father Leopoldo

The passion for speed is passed down from father to son. But not only that, because in its mission Velocifero led by Alessandro has at its core the desire to innovate in design, technology and practicality.

Alessandro Tartarini scooter designer“We believe that electric mobility can be the future. Now, with the current wave of electric scooters, their designs are closely related to regular gasoline scooters. We don't believe it should be that way. With Velocifero, we wanted vehicles that looked affordable and beautiful, but also different from a traditional petrol scooter.”

Alessandro Tartarini, the soul of Velocifero, summarizes his idea:

"In an extremely competitive and constantly evolving market, we must create products that are elegant and have a strong personality".

Logo change

The brand Velocifero changed its logo.

New logo:


Old logo:



(2023) Velocifero: record scooter at 200 km/h (almost) Source: Vai Elettrico (🇮🇹 Italian)

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