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Carver Models 2024 🗞️ News

Carver is an innovative automotive company from the Netherlands that was founded in 1994 by Chris van den Brink and Harry Kroonen. The company's origins trace back to 1990, when Ton van den Brink, Chris's father, envisioned a new type of compact, efficient slender comfort vehicle for urban transportation.

Carver's core innovation is its unique Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC) tilting technology, which enables its narrow three-wheeled vehicles to lean into turns like a motorcycle, ensuring stability and maneuverability at high speeds. This groundbreaking technology has earned Carver global recognition, with the Carver vehicle featured on popular TV shows like BBC's Top Gear.

cvr oc logoThe brand has an active international Owners Club that was founded in the late 2000s by a passionate owner in the United Kingdom. The club organizes events and meetups worldwide, connecting enthusiasts from the UK to New Zealand, and supports owners by facilitating vehicle sales and maintaining a comprehensive registry of Carver vehicles.

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Carver Europe B.V. Celsiusweg 26 Leeuwarden🇳🇱 Netherlands
Phone+31 85 130 2484

2024 Model Overview

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Carver S+ Motorcycle-class carver s $26,414.04 / 100 km Carver R+ Extended Range carver r $24,556.80 / 130 km Carver Cargo carver cargo $17,926.38 / 100 km Carver carver $18,743.65 / 100 km

🗞️ News

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